Where Are The Best Travel Websites

Sometimes you find the best travel websites in the least likely of places. Although I have been a world traveler for many years, my Internet experience with online travel deals has been rather limited. I am more naturally comfortable with booking my travel arrangements through more traditional means. Nonetheless, like everyone else I like to save money. The way that I manage to do it may surprise you.

As you probably know, finding the best travel websites to plan your vacations starts with finding cheap airfare. What you may not know is how different the different cheap airline ticket websites are. A lot of people get a good deal on one site one time and give up on other sites. In my experience, however, you have to search at least half a dozen airline ticket websites before you can find the best air ticket price and be sure of it. That means looking through Kayak, Expedia, Travelocity, and quite a few others to boot.

Of course finding the best travel websites for cheap tickets online is easy. Finding good websites for booking hotels, all in one package vacation deals, or exotic trips with tour guides can be extremely difficult in comparison. The real key is to spend some time researching it. Don’t just do a Google search either. Google turns up the most popular hits. If you’re looking for a unique experience on your vacation, you need to find other people who enjoy the same destinations. Look at personal websites and see what people recommend. Feel free to ask questions in discussion groups. Start doing your research months before vacation. That way you’ll be ready well ahead of time.

In my experience, some of the best travel websites are blogs. There are lots of professional travelers out there who make a living traveling to different destinations and giving their recommendations. Many of these are also Internet savvy people who will have plenty of advice to give you on their webpages. They will review different travel carriers and determine which is the best one.

To find them, you may have to do tons of research. Once you find a website that gives good recommendations, you can trust their opinions on almost anything. Even if it isn’t the best travel website, it might still provide you expert information on, say, the Florida Keys or the Caribbean. The important thing is that it gives you the tools you need to have an excellent vacation.

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How to Blog – Choosing the Best Free Blogging Tools For Your Site

With all the free and paid blogging tools on the market, how does someone new to the world of blogging possibly choose the best tools for their own situation? Filling up your blog with every free gadget and widget you can find is not a good idea. Read on to learn about choosing the best free blogging tools for your site.

A site loaded with flashy widgets will not impress your site visitors. You could add a page counter, flashy fonts, bright background and a whole heaps of animations, images and videos to your site, but you will only drive your visitors away in most cases.

What kind of free blogging tools are best for your site depends on your niche market. A teen or junior blog can have a light of bright colors and movement to attract attention, but a more mature audience will not be impressed.

Spend some time researching what tools there are that are available to you so you are better able to choose something suitable for your blog.

  • If you are aiming at a geographic region with a travel or regional, perhaps a weather widget is a nice touch.
  • If you are using Twitter, then a follow me button is appropriate and almost regarded as a necessity, as may be any of the other social networking buttons for sites on which you are very active.
  • A calendar of your posts or events is often a good idea.
  • An AdSense or similar campaign adds revenue to most sites.
  • Relevant photographs can add a nice touch.
  • Relevant links to video can work well too, but give your readers the option of playing or not playing them. The same goes with audio clips.
  • If you have a topical blog, perhaps a poll adds a touch of interest.

You never need a page counter as you can get your stats from behind the scenes.

These are just a few ideas of things you might add to your blog for interest. Just because you find something that is free, doesn’t mean it belongs on your blog. Put yourself in the shoes of your blog visitors and ask if it will improve their experience of your site before you add anything.

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The Best Travel Forums To Gain Travel Tips & Advice

1 – Thorne Tree travel. This travel forum  belongs with The Lonely Planet, who are one of the leading experts of world travel. The forum is broken down so you can select  information on the country you are traveling to. If your question is not already answered, then sign up as a member and start the discussion yourself. There are also sub forums for you to discuss general traveling tips and advice. A busy forum with active members.

2 -Trip Advisor is great because not only does it have a travel forum,  but there are countless reviews for every destination in the world. If you cannot decide whether to book that hotel that looks so great in the brochure, simply head over to Trip Advisor and read the hotel reviews from travelers and tourists who have stayed there before. Trip Advisor also has photos, videos and map to help your plan your vacation.

3 – Travel Blog. This site is a mixture of travel blogs and a forum. The forum is not that busy however they do have a wide range of travel blogs for you to read. If you want to document your next vacation, then sign up for a free account and you can have your very own blog. The user control panel is not really user friendly but once you become familiar with it, then it is easy to find your way around.

4 – Virtual Tourist. The forum set up of Virtual Tourist is a little bit unusual and it seems hard to backtrack if you click on a thread and want to go back to the main menu. It is not the best travel forum but there is the opportunity to get in touch with other members and read their travel guides.

Travel forums are not your only source of information when you are planning your next vacation.  There are thousands of travel blogs on the world wide web that will give honest advice and reviews about any country in the world. Search Google under blogs and all the advice and tips will be at your fingertips. 

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